ALLEN TOUSSAINTS NEW ORLEANS Venture IS Everything aside from Finish. THE Main THING LEFT TO DO NOW IS Include THE Ambient songs. THE Photographs CONTAINED Thus ARE However A Little Portrayal OF THE Completed Item WHICH Additionally CONTAINS SNIPPITS OF VIDEO All through!

ONCE THE Last HAS BEEN Discharged THERE WILL BE A Connection ADDED HERE TO TAKE YOU TO WHERE YOU CAN Buy THE DVD. IT IS A Gatherers Release CONTAINING Unique Sytheses BY ALLEN TOUSSAINT Created Particularly FOR THIS DVD AND Keeps running FOR Barely a hour.

An Enormous THANK YOU GOES TO BOTH LYNDA HAMMERSMITH AND TO KELLEY EDMISTON WHO WERE Extremely Liberal WITH THEIR TIME AND Learning OF THE CITY. THEY GUIDED ME AND Improved THIS Venture EXPONENTIALLY THAN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WITHOUT THEIR Assistance. I Might Likewise Want TO EXPRESS MY Thankfulness TO SYNDEY BYRD A Magnificent NEW ORLEANS Picture taker WHO OFFERED SOME OF HER OWN WORK FROM Throughout THE YEARS TO ADD A Measurement TO THE Venture. Thankful to YOU SYNDEY I Value YOUR Fellowship! Furthermore, A Major Much appreciation GOES TO The different Brilliant Individuals I MET Amid MY VISIT. THERE ARE Recently Beyond any sensible add up TO Say HERE, Yet IT WOULDNT HAVE BEEN THE SAME WITHOUT YALL!!